Animal Abuse: Still a Big No No!

We are all going to run across a new video of animal abuse from one of the animal rights groups.  To be honest, this abuse is uncalled for and I find it disturbing that in today’s world it is still happening.  I found a wonderful post written by a fellow dairy farmer this morning.  I feel like this post sums up everything that I feel so I’m going to share it with you, rather than writing another one.

We work hard to make sure our animals are comfortable, well taken care of and not abused.

Is going Vegan the answer to animal abuse?

by Raylindairy

NO the answer is to hold animal abusers accountable for their actions and honor those who do the right thing by the animals.

National Dairy FARM is a program created by dairy farmers to set a baseline for animal care and move forward from there, our farm along with many others in the US have embraced this program to help weed out the bad actors.

This afternoon I learned of another undercover video of animal abuse in agriculture and quite honestly I feel let down by a fellow farmer. I am as horrified as ever that some of the things caught on tape are even happening in agriculture today. There are proper means to euthanize animals to end their suffering, using a hand tool to prolong that suffering is not proper or ethical.

Many farmers like myself and my family spend long hours caring for our animals the proper way only to have one bed actor ruin it for thousands. I personally have given up sleep and meals to make sure the cows came first I know farmers who brave some of the worst weather know to mankind to rescue animals and the thanks we get from a “brother” farmer is a slap in the face. I hope anyone found guilty of any wrongdoing faces the maximum punishment possible.

This is a short post because the more I think about what to write the angrier I get about the whole situation you can read some of my previous thought on animal abuse in some previous posts:

Different undercover footage same reaction from me: Outrage

Update on the Animal Rights activists use of sensationalism

Check out The RayLin Dairy blog here!  Check out these other blogs from farmers responding to the animal abuse video. 

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5 responses to “Animal Abuse: Still a Big No No!

  1. I have to say thank you for posting this! I just went and tried (yes tried) to watch the video to see how bad it actually was! I couldn’t even get through the first two strikes!
    As tears well up in my eyes, I am asking myself, “What the hell is wrong with people?” I can’t stand any form of animal abuse but calf abuse is the one that always sends chills down my spine. This is wrong on so many levels!

    • Thank you so much for this comment and thank you for reading my post. I completely agree! I’ve been around farms all of my life, I grew up on a farm and I haven’t experienced abuse like that… EVER. I knew I had to say something and I will continue to promote my family’s hard work because of things like this.

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